Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Haunted Howling Winds of Harbor House, seasickness, and good food..the missing of it.

Finally got to go out on the dive boat yesterday with all my new diver friends. I think what I like most about living here is meeting people from all over the world. Spent part of the day and a meal with this young Irish couple, very nice. It was my first full day off since working here.

So the boat...why am I in constant denial that I get seasick? I know I do, but not always. But the rolling waves were a bit much for me. I was fine when in the water, but once on board and moored waiting for the divers to come back up....ugh. No tossing of cookies, but just more like...get me offa this boat. Saw a lovely rainbow on the way out too. There is just a lot of wind here most of the time. I've been wanting to take a nice pic looking down into the water off the dock that I sun myself on and snorkel off of, but it has been too choppy lately.

Was nice to finally dive somewhere other than off the Cay here. I saw a few Black Durgeons, A Queen Angel (did you hear that Darlene?!) and some French Angel Fish. I was told they're all rather common out here.

I might have mentioned in one of my older posts that the winds around HH sound amazing when it is really blowing. I've decided to call them the HAUNTED HOWLING WINDS OF HARBOR HOUSE. Just sounds cool, doesn't it? I was thinking it had a lot to do with the unusual dimensions of HH and the winds just love curling themselves around it. When I was in here late at night a few weeks back making sure nothing got flooded, it was actually creepy in here because of those winds. I bet some sound guys would love coming in here and sampling those winds to use in a scary movie.

Man I gotta tell ya..I am just dying for a decent meal. I have not had any really good food since I've been here. There are only two restaurants here, The Fishburger and The Cay View. They are just mom and pop places with a few things on the menu..while not bad, they are way over salted. Not a bad thing when it's wicked hot and you're sweating like crazy and need to replace those fluids. But damn, my blood pressure must have been spiking after a couple of the meals I had there. But hard to complain when a full plate of food is under $4...but I guess I just did. I've been cooking too, but with very limited things you can buy in the little local markets've got to be inventive. I think I'm finally getting sick of my own conch soup. And now that I found out they're being overfished, I won't be eating it anymore.

I would love to have a meal at some of my fave local places in LA and SD that I miss. The ribs at Dr. Hogly Woglys Tyler Texas BBQ, the chicken picatta at Fabrocinis (both in LA), anything at Craves or Yogurt Time (amazing Pinkberry type yogurt AND sushi, ya I know, but WAY fresh) and Phil's BBQ, all in SD. I live in the land of fresh fish here...can't believe I haven't had or made my own sushi! But without wasabi..why bother?

Ok, my bitch session is over, time to go enjoy the little bit of sun we're getting. Currently reading "Alice Waters and Chez Panisse"....oh yeah, a book about food and the most famous restaurant in the US.


CuddleBoy said...

Hi Mercy, you are living the life. We could write a mystery just like nancy drew. Mercy Drew Sexy Mature detective. he-he. Take care.

Irishtempest said...

Hey Mercy, it's Gina (from Faire). Kathy (Jade) told me about how great your blog was, and she was right. Sounds like a wonderful adventure you are living right now.