Friday, December 5, 2008

O.J., ferry breakdown, pedis & lack of privacy

Thank god for the Internet. I have been listening to my favorite radio shows based in Los Angeles on there. Mark & Brian on KLOS (been listening for over 20 yrs already) and Frosty, Heidi and Frank on 97.1 FM Talk. I was listening with rapt attention to the O.J. Simpson trial as they played the live feed on Mark & Brian. All I can say's about time that smug, arrogant murderer goes to prison...for a loooong time. Looks like it will be at least 15 yrs for him!! YES! Justice FINALLY served for that MF'er! Not that I have any strong opinions about it or anything. I've just been following all his antics for 13 yrs..since he obviously murdered his wife, Nicole and Ron Goldman. Goldman's parents were in courtroom. I can't help wondering if they feel any satisfaction at all in this verdict. At least he's off the street for a long time....being the obvious criminal he is. I love how the judge said, she couldn't decide if he was ignorant, or arrogant...she decided he is both! Love her! Karma baby....payback is a bitch!!

On a more local note for me, weather is still bad and I just heard from one of the locals that the ferry from La Ceiba to Utila has broken down. This could be bad news for V&H who are supposed to return on the ferry tomorrow. I wonder if they will have to charter a plane to get back. I'm currently moving all my stuff that I have at their house back to mine. I will miss their crazy cat! But I can come visit anytime I want if I'm up for the abuse.

I used Mr. Donald's water taxi yesterday to get over to Utila for a much needed pedicure. Hey, I already had all my fake fingernails removed before I came here....that was hard enough. But the toenails were starting to look like a gargoyles worst nightmare..had to do it. The taxi....$3 RT, the pedicure....$7, the relief to have toes looking normal again? Priceless.

It is so weird walking out of the house and the locals asking me where I'm going. I'm just so used to being such a private person in my daily life, but it's a way of life here.

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