Monday, December 1, 2008

Trip to Water Cay, Semi Automatic Weapons and my Crafty Shell/Wood Thingies

I can't believe it's Dec 1 already! And how awesome is it that I don't have to deal with holiday rushes anywhere?! Nice.

There is this big rivalry between the Cay and Utila baseball teams. Forgive me if I mentioned this before...memory is what it is, which ain't much lately. But the Cay won the "world series" last night and they came back on the boats whooping and hollering. I could hear them coming across the harbor! Funny aside, most of the locals have told me their favorite baseball team is the LA Dodgers! Some of them love the fact that I'm from there. At least someone in this world is happy to hear I'm from Los Angeles, ya just never know. And the Utila team has a regular baseball field to practise on, whilst the Cay has nothing even close to that, no less having any grass or dirt anywhere.

Anyway, the neighbor next door came over to forewarn me that there would be some firecrackers and maybe a gun going off to celebrate the win. Hey, I'm from the San Fernando Valley, gun shots are one of the ambient noises where I'm from! Along with searchlights, know, searching for criminals in our backyards..but I digress. He said last time Victoria freaked out and no one had warned her.

So, I was braced for it. But didn't tell me there would be semi automatic weapons going off!!!!! Geesh!! And literally..right next door! I could tell they were shooting off into the ocean, but it was RIGHT NEXT DOOR!! I tried to stay calm...but I sure can't say that for Drifter...who disappeared somewhere in the house for quite awhile. I always feel bad for animals anywhere when people shoot of firecrackers and stuff.

Here are some pics from a little side trip yesterday with John, Barb and their friend Hank. We went to Water Cay which I heard is THE beach in the area and good snorkeling. Didn't bring my snorkel gear, so will have to check that out another time. While there was fine, white sand there, it was kinda trashy. Barb said she had heard that it wasn't cleaned up after the Sun Jam Festival from last July. That's a techno music festival that FOR SURE you will never find me at, not being a fan of techno. Yuck. John was bonefishing right from shore and caught one, Hank was carving a stick and Barb and I lollygagged (jeez, thought I would NEVER get to use that word in my life!) in the water and generally just got to know each other better. We talked about what amazing lives we've both lived and how we're both supposed to be writing our life stories...maybe we can encourage each other a bit with that.
So, pics are from the boat (Barb, John and I), the sign on the beach at Water Cay (notice it says no spearfishing and no picking coconut!) a view of Sandy Cay, where there is a private home that a friend of theirs lives on, a fisherman in his boat, a couple of views of the Cay I live on from a different angle, a picture of the Honduran flag that is on the dock of a friend's house, and some pics of my little hobby..shells and driftwood.
Little story about my arts and craft. Since I love shells so much, having been an archaeologist that specialized in identifying artifacts made from shells, I started collecting them on Bonaire my first time there. I made these cute little things with driftwood and gave one to each of my friends on Bon. Later they told me they all fell apart. Seems glue from a glue gun just is no match for the humidity of the Caribbean! Sooooo..this time I'm determined to make them to speak. I bought Gorilla glue...supposed to last through time will tell. Cute, huh? Oh ya, Barb? If you read this blog before I see you again, that small one is yours!
Finally got out to eat for lunch yesterday...called dinner here..or it is supper? I get confused about that..but lately, I'm easily confused. I went to the famous fish burger place and it was ok..not bad..good french fries. Hadn't had anything fried in over a month.....was starting to have withdrawls over not getting enough grease in my diet. Satisfied that! But my new friend, Frederick..cute, young French/Canadian divemaster here..was having a BBQ plate that looked awesome....have to try that next time. For me to eat out only twice in a month..has be a personal best when it comes to the foodie in me!


Jonathan said...

Are you going to call the beach discovery art project " A Shore Thing" again?

Acutler said...

You look great, guess the isalnd diet works, hu? Glad things are going well. Do you even think about CA anymore! Just kidding.

tara&guy santa barbara said...

You do look fabulous! Love the updates and the pictures. Glad you have Drifter to give you giggles during the rain!