Friday, December 26, 2008

HH Xmas Party, Party on Water Cay, Where I hang

Drifter just chillin'
Local kids putting on a Xmas play at church on Xmas eve
On the way back from Water Cay, one of the girls from Spain
Fooling around on the way back
BBQ pit on Water Cay
Cassandra the Monkey Girl
Lovely bunch of coconuts Vero just swinging and eating
The gang at Water Cay
Braiding Edoardo's beard
Enjoying the day
Alex our cook and host, and some friends
Cooking the barracuda under the fire pit
Anka and me. She is a divemaster and g/f of Alex
My cute new friends from Germany
Was a beautiful day on Water Cay
Who says it doesn't snow on the Cay?
The mayor of Utila, Alton Cooper and me
HH Xmas Party
Employee Xmas Party at HH
Chowing down
My famous sweet potatoes/marshmallows upper left
This is the view from Captain Morgan's Dive Dock
where I spend my spare time snorkeling and reading
Another view from the dock

I hope you all had a great Xmas and for some, I hope you are still having a great Hanukah. I had a couple of fun days off. On the 23rd, we had our employee Xmas party. Turkey, roast beef and a lot of trimmings. It was fun and the place looked lovely all decorated.

The next day I went with 23 other divers to Water Cay. We rented a boat, took over a load of food and partied. Alex, one of the locals, brought over a bunch of barracuda wrapped up in foil, buried it under the fire pit and cooked them to perfection. We also had food left over from the employee party and more food the divers made...too much food for sure. I guess sweet potatoes and marshmallows is a very American dish, as no one had had it before and it was a big hit at the HH party and at the Water Cay party. Soooooo sweet, almost like a dessert.
Was a very nice cosmopolitan mixture of people from all over the world. Germans, Spaniards, French, Colombian, New Zealanders, Canadian, American and Cayon. My Spanish is getting a bit better, but is still muy malo.
Some stayed the night...ummm..unless there is a camper to stay in, I'm outta there and I did go back with others who I guess felt the same. I tell ya, that boat ride back (about a 10 min ride back to the Cay) was the highlight of the evening. Just beautiful with all the stars out and a balmy night. Just what you would expect in the Caribbean.


Lorain said...

Dear Mercy:

Happy Holidays!

Quite an adventure! I didn't realize that you had a date of departure until I read the last few blogs...I bet you will miss the place!
Happy New Year!!!!
Cuz Lorain

tara&guy santa barbara said...

Happy 2009!
This will be a year of Change in so many ways.
I'm so proud of you for going for the adventure and living it to the fullest.
Good things will come to you my friend!
Love ya,