Saturday, December 13, 2008

Roughing it on the Cay, Wondering about my next destination...and bread

Here is a picture of Victoria, Barbara, Me and Marilyn at Barb's house a couple of nights before Barb and John were leaving to go back to the states. This was from the turkey dinner I wrote about on the last post. Barb's ever present (on loan) parrot Paco likes to party with us. He belongs to her neighbor Bobby, who lives in the big hunting lodge type house. She says it's the first thing she does when she gets to Utila..goes next door and gets the parrot. Bobby is hardly ever there, and Paco gets lonely. Lucky parrot. Barb is a hoot. So is her friend Marilyn, we had a lot of fun talking up a storm that night, and burning the marsmallows as previously mentioned.
Speaking of tired of it raining. Well not today thankfully. But we actually had 5 days of sunshine, got to snorkel and lay out a bit...then the rains and winds returned.
It's cold here! Ok, maybe 67 doesn't sound cold to you, but again, when you're in the Caribbean...that's cold. And Henry finally got my suicide shower working....oh yeah, I said suicide. And that's not my term for it, it's a commonly used one here. You flip on this little switch and the water gets hot...and then it gets really hot..and then..well, you know where I'm going with that. So ya gotta kind of toggle the switch back and forth and you burn a little, you freeze a little. But last night I went home after work, got all lathered up head to toe and it stopped working..had to rinse off in cold water when it was cold outside and in the house...ok, that's about as much as I want to rough it.
On one of the nicer days, I went into Utila with Roger, my friend who lives next to all of the above. He picked me up in the big inflatable boat....pic on a previous post. That thing hauls ass. Was my first time having a few hours in town. I was on my own. Ended up at this bakery...of course. Had some incredible homemade walnut, raisin bread with Nutella on it...yumm! Sat and talked to these young girls for like an hour on the front porch of the bakery. We had this great convo about traveling and their adventures. Seems they were walking on the beach in La Ceiba one morning...La Ceiba is on the main coast of Honduras..and they were robbed in broad daylight by gun point! Bad guys took their cells, iPods, money..but left them unharmed. Wow. Said they had been here 4 months already. One girl was German, but didn't have much of an accent. The other girl was American. They were about to go get tattoos and invited me to come get one with them..I'm like....hmmmm....did that 27 yrs ago...don't really have the bug to do that again. But thought I would walk with them in that direction. That's when I found out they were only 16 yrs old!! They were exchange students living with local families. Again, wow. I just never had the opportunity to do things like that when I was their age, or didn't know it existed. They seemed older, like at least 18 or 20. Traveling definitely makes you more sophisticated...ok, maybe not sophisticated, but ya know, more mature. Can't wait for that to take effect on me.
I then strolled into this little food place and found out they could make me a loaf of sourdough bread. I was pretty excited about that. See what happens when you travel to far away, remote places? Bread becomes an exciting thing. Well, the bread here in Utila and on the Cay is just that mushy Wonder bread type stuff..which my Mother always said when I was growing up...any bread that you can roll up into a little ball is not healthy to eat. So of course I was always trying to do that with the bread I could get at my friend's cool I thought..and then I would pop it into my mouth...pure orgasmic carb overload. This young Irish guy was running the place and said to come back in two days and he would have a whole loaf of crusty sourdough bread for me. 70 lempiras, about $3.50. Henry went into town two days later and picked it up for me. Not bad..not sour enough though. But the loaf was so big and hard...could seriously knock someone out with that. Popped a slice into the toaster with some butter and a bit of salt on it...was heaven.
It's been extremely slow at HH this week. This is the low season here and they don't expect it to get real busy again until Feb. A bunch of crusiers came in yesterday. You could see them moored out in the harbor the last couple of days. 4 boats..none of them knew each other, but they all ended up coming in together. I met my first batch of cruisers on Bonaire a few years ago and I just really dig these people. They always have a bit of that, I've dropped out of society and I'm loving it kind of air about them. Would love to do that...if sailboats didn't make me seasick. Yeah, I know I dress as a pirate for the Ren don't tell nobody, ok?
Have to admit I'm feeling more comfortable in some ways here. I seem to know most of the locals now and they know me too. Many have asked how long I'm staying and seem to be comforted by the fact that I'm here till the end of Jan. Don't know why that is, but that's cool. One asked today when I'm coming back after that..and I said I'm not. He seemed surprised. I said I have to look for work anywhere I can get it these days.
I even have an offer to possibly go to New York which I'm waiting to hear more about. But awfully cold there this time of year. But again, I will go where there is work. Because as I'm sure you all know, and the media keeps pounding it into our heads, there is work, but too many of us looking for it. I read on the CNN web site the other day that there is this 29 yr old marketing woman who has been applying to over 40 jobs every day for the last year with no results. Bosses telling her they're getting 500 applicants for each position. Remember I said that in one of my first posts on here? So she put her resume on a t shirt and is standing on the corner advertising herself! Now that's what I call thinking outside the box. Bet she gets an offer just from being on CNN and showing some ingenuity.
This is why I will consider taking a job almost anywhere. I'm getting offers of places to crash in Hawaii (where work would be even harder to find), New Jersey (2 different friends) LA, Las Vegas, and New York. But ultimately, I'm doing affirmations to end up back in San Diego where I've wanted to live for many years now and I will eventually. I'm even looking into professional house sitting situations..who knew there were web sites for that?
Victoria, Henry and I talked this morning for a long time. She mentioned that I need to be somewhere with more people and I couldn't argue with that. This place is just not for everyone, and I agree in the long run, not for me. So, I will just do my original commitment here and fly out on Jan where, I'm just not sure yet.

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