Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Rock Fever...Already!!!

Did you guys know that you can click on all the pics on here and they get GINORMOUS?? My friend Jeff told me that today, I had no idea! So if you really want to see details, click away!

Well, I finally got off the rock today! This couple, John and Barbara, who are friends with my bosses, live across the harbor in this amazing round wooden house. It was jaw dropping when I got inside. Decorated impeccably with furniture and decos from Nicaragua. The couple are from New Mexico and spend about 5 wks at a time out here every few months. They came and picked me up in their boat which was nice. I only met them once a few days ago and they said they would come get me next time. People mean what they say out here!

It is SO nice across the harbor. They live on the Southern tip of Utila. I sat and had a beer with them before 11 am! And most know that I'm not much of a drinker, so to have one that early...well, I figured why the hell not?! They also had the cutest 7 month old goofball of a dog....just loved him!

We also went into "town", which is downtown Utila. Basically looks like one built up alleyway. Lots of businesses, motor scooters, golf carts, etc. Went into Bush's which is like a bigger market than anything here on the Cay. But Barbara said they didn't have much today. Still got some stuff I hadn't seen here. Mmmmmmm....bacon!!

HH looked fairly dry today. No rain thank the gods! I was actually able to hang laundry....yep, that's right, HANG laundry. I really don't mind doing that. It smells better that way too.

The cat I'm watching for my bosses, Drifter, is a cutie, but not a very affectionate cat. Victoria said he comes up onto their bed and stands on their chest in the morning. I figured he wouldn't do that to me since I'm new around here. But early this was this cat standing on my chest! Geez, I could barely breathe! It was funny.

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