Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hard Rain Gonna Fall

Well, it got so bad we had to not only close HH yesterday, but the owners, Victoria and Henry decided to close for the whole 2 and a half weeks they're gone back to the states. Sounds like I'm on a paid vacation now, eh? Not totally. When it's raining this hard and the water is seeping in, I have to go back and constantly wring out the towels laid down everywhere. And there are a lot of them!

Soon as it totally dries out here, Henry's right hand man is going to get in there and repair things. Didn't make sense to stay open to the public with all that going on. Even the gym had water seeping up through the rubber mats!

Meanwhile, V & H left this morning, but had to wait up until the last minute to see if their plane would take off, but I guess it did because they haven't come back yet! I'm staying at their place and watching their cute kitty, Drifter. Have a pic of him but will post later.

Took me part of the day to move all the things from my house to theirs. They put a new front door on my place, but it keeps swelling up and they have taken it off and shaved it twice already and it still won't close. I'm told not to worry about things left in the house, but I moved almost everything out of there just in case.

All our employees have been so helpful coming to help me mop things up. One of them even brought me a plate of food! Fishballs, rice and beans...yumm!

So, ugly weather, time off and can't snorkel...bummer!

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Acutler said...

Folks are away, means it is time to play! just kidding