Monday, November 17, 2008

Crazy Weather!

This is my first real tropical storm I've ever been in. Bad enough that we had to close HH today. While the place is built like a rock, we still had water seeping in in many places and have used every available towel to mop it up. The wind is HOWLING around the building like you wouldn't believe! But that is due a lot to the way HH is built.

The Net is a bit unstable to day as well. Even though we're on satellite, it goes off and on. My house is dry which is a minor miracle considering they told me it was leaking like crazy before I moved in, but they patched it up as best as they could, and it needs a new roof. I was actually surprised when I went home after work last night and found it dry.

But it's cold here now! I've never experienced being cold in the Caribbean. Since I only have a cold shower, I haven't even taken one the last couple of days...too damn cold! It supposedly has this little heater button on it that makes steaming hot water come out and then you have to mix it with the cold or something like that..but like a lot of things ain't workin'! Welcome to life in the Caribbean!

I heard about all the fires in So. Cali. My heart goes out to all that lost their homes. My son is a firefighter and sometimes gets called out to really big forest fires if they need him even though he is stationed down in San Diego and is a federal FF. But I think he told me he won't get called out to those anymore since he is now stationed at a different location. I still worry about him when he does go out.

Henry, my boss, took me out to see Mariner's Landing yesterday. This is the land that him and Victoria bought and are selling as residential lots. He told me that it took 17 men, 3 months to clear it all with machetes! And it is stunning beach front property. I will be helping them to promote and market it once they get back from the states..that is if they can even go! They are supposed to leave tomorrow, but the weather rules all! We will see. Another storm is supposed to come in behind this one. That will be such a bummer for them as they have such great plans to go to New Orleans, Dallas and Cali.

Ok, will write more to go wring out towels from all the water around here!

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