Friday, November 14, 2008

I remember when Bonaire was the smallest place I had ever been to. About 12,000 people. Well, the Cay has about 600! Talk about everyone knowing your business! I'm a big city girl, so this is going to take some getting used to.

I don't know how many houses are here, but it only takes a few minutes to walk from one side of the Cay to the other. Attached are some pics of the walkways.

There are about 5 little mom and pop markets here. What's so cool is that you can buy just half a carrot or green pepper if you want. I wanted some BBQ sauce today, but didn't want to buy the whole bottle, so they poured a little bit in a plastic baggie for me and I just think that is so cool. Especially when you're single and you can't use up larger portions quick enough.

I was just watching some of the local kids playing earlier. For them catching and cleaning fish is some of their play. Or I guess their parents are teaching them the family trade. Was kinda weird watching them holding these big sharp knives with no parental supervision...yeah, like we'd ever see that in Los Angeles!

Some of them just sat and watched me work out in the gym today. These little cuties are like 6 yrs old or so. School is out now. I think they only go up to 6th grade here? Most don't go across the bay to Utila for higher education because they don't have a boat to get across. But the mayor of Utila just gave a bunch of money here to fix up the local school.

Victoria is selling a Utila Cay cookbook, the proceeds will go to fixing up the park. Not like any park we're used to seeing. I should have the pic on here...the blue metal benches under the blue roof. Most of the men sit under there and just shoot the breeze.

I went snorkeling the last couple of days. It was really pretty under there with a variety of sea fans and all the corals, brain, elkhorn and many others I'm not good at remembering the names of. Same for the fishies. Most of the fish I've seen are the same I've seen before with a couple of exceptions that I've got to look up. Waters are SO warm and wonderful. But I'm still sweating away here and this is their winter! I don't know if I can handle the summertime here. Bonaire was pretty hard to handle for me when I first went in July and they don't consider themselves a very humid island! Yikes, we'll just have to see if I even last that long.

I have to admit, I would like to get over to Utila to see what it's like over there. Was hoping that would be easy to get to, but I guess not. And even if I did want to go over there at night and check out the social scene, there is really no one coming back at night in a boat in the dark. So, the true test of all this is can I handle being this isolated for a long period of time. The HH has kept me fairly busy so far and at night I just look forward to going back to my house and watching DVD's. You only get about 7 channels here...CNN, TBS, TNT, Disney and the Weather Channel and a few religious Spanish stations. Thank god Victoria and Henry have a TON of DVD's to choose from!
Oh my....what a big orange moon coming up tonight! One of our employees said that means good weather...we're definitely having that already!

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Ann Phelan said...

Mercy, this is your adventure. Enjoy it fully. I applaud you for your drive and yen to live life to the fullest.