Friday, November 21, 2008

Posting some new pics today. This is from a couple of days ago when I met John and Barbara and went to Utila with them. Pic of them walking down the "main" street in town. Kid holding a fish, maybe lunch for the day? Pic of me on the dock in front of John and Barb's house with the Cay in the on that to blow up and see HH in the back there. A pic where you can see a 4 wheeler which is one of the few modes of transpo on Utila along with golf carts and a few mini type vans which are usually taxis. No cars at all on the Cay, which is really cool. I've probably never been anywhere in the world where there is such little airborne pollution! Big Yellow house is the Cafe Mariposa, which I hope to try someday. At the top is Drifter, Victoria & Henry's (V&H from now on) cat, more below about this nutburger!

It has been real interesting meeting people, mainly divers staying at the little backpacker's hotel next to HH, called Hotel Kayla. It's run by Kevin, who owns Captain Morgan's Dive Operation. For $5 a night, you have a bed in a room you might share with two or three others, and a bathroom you all share, and a main room with a TV/DVD player and a little set off to the side is a dry erase board and community table where the divers hold the written part of their certification classes. I do not remember seeing if there was a kitchen. Some of the divers who stay there were coming over every morning to HH to get coffee and a bagel or fried egg sandwich. Got to know a few of them. Bogdon is from Romania, which I thought was so cool since my dad was born in Temeshvar, Romania and he knew where it was! Then there was Maria I think..she was from the Czech Republic. Most of you know that I was seeing a very famous Czech NHL player many years ago and when I mentioned his name to her, her eyes lit up saying he was SO famous in over there, that put a smile on my face. I tried some of my very bad Czech on her..she corrected me of course! Then there is Derek, who came to use the Internet every day and when I mentioned where I had just moved from...La Mesa/Mt. Helix, in San Diego, CA, he said he lived in Mt. Helix for about a small world! I've also been talking to Frederick, who is French-Canadian, what a cutie. He is a dive master for Captain Morgan and we've had some great convos about life in general.

I can't believe I've only eaten out once since I've been here, and that was with V&H one night. I don't even know the name of the place, but right now there are only two places to eat out on the Cay. I had lobster, which was only about $6! It was not anything like Maine lobster, it was Caribbean lobster and was cut up in this yummy sauce. With rice and some bad french fries which I didn't really eat. It was a deal for the price, that's for sure.

Those that know me well, know that I LOVE to eat out, cook and just generally am a big time foodie. I am also a bit of a celebrity chef groupie! I miss my Food TV Network! All we get here and it comes in pretty bad sometimes is CNN, TBS, TNT, Disney, The Weather Channel, and a few religious Spanish stations. I LOVE TV so it's hard missing all the shows I love to watch...and DVR. But H & V have plenty of DVD's which I'm watching and they have the first 4 seasons of House which I never really could get into back in the states as I felt all the episodes seemed too much alike for me. But I started watching it last night..guess I'm a captive audience!

To see what I like to watch, you can check out my My Space page at I'm sitting here listening to my favorite old morning radio show on the Net, Mark and Brian from KLOS in LA. Been listening to them for like 20 yrs. They just announced two of my favorite new shows were cancelled, Pushing Daisies (SO original, so of course it couldn't last long!) and Dirty, Sexy, Money...a fun soap opera type show with Donald Sutherland, Jill Clayburgh and Peter Krause from the great HBO show, "Six Feet Under".

Ok, I digress a bit. I know this blog is supposed to be mainly about Utila and living on the Cay, but it's also about me, me, me!! And some of you don't know me that well, so I'm telling a bit about myself too.

RAIN, RAIN, RAIN! It was sunny this morning when I woke up and I thought maybe I could get in a snorkel, but we're right back to rain as I write! Bummer! I'm not a rain loving person, it stops you from doing things. Like I was also going to lie out on the hammock on the porch here and read a book for a bit. Another time perhaps.

I was also looking forward to John and Barbara stopping by, but you can't get on your boat and come across the harbor in this weather unless you really have to. Barb told me she came by yesterday, rang the bell out front but I didn't answer. Oh, I was here, but I was taking probably only the 3rd nap of my life! I never take them because mainly, I'm never tired (even though I only get like 4-5 hrs sleep a night..not by choice, but by menopause!) or something always has disturbed my drifting off, so I gave up on them a long time ago. But I need to start doing them as getting that little sleep is not good for many things including memory and losing weight..yep, that's what Dr. Oz says and that man is totally right on about many things. Many reports are showing that to be true also.

I'm taking care of V&H cat, Drifter. He is a ball of energy which I guess most indoor cats have since they don't have the great outdoors to expend it in. He is allowed to go out, but rarely chooses to do so. Sometimes, he just spends about 2o min running up and down the hallway from the Living Room to the Den at lightening speed! Sometimes he jumps up onto the computer table, onto another file cabinet and then onto the top of the door! You should have seen him trying to catch a moth the other night...that was on the ceiling...and he got him! He is not a very affectionate cat, but Victoria thinks that may be due to him having been dumped in a trash can before he should have been taken from his mama. She fed him with an eye dropper! But he does love a good face wash, which reminds me of Sheba, the Calico I just lost earlier this year at 19 yrs old! She loved a good old hockey style face wash too.

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